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During this coronavirus situation, we need to keep ourselves and our pets safe more than ever. To follow CDC and AVMA health guidelines, Pet First Aid 4U is now offering live, interactive pet first aid/CPR classes using ZOOM technology! Yes, you can learn pet first aid AND earn a two-year certificate right from your home! Arden Moore, master pet first aid/CPR instructor and founder of Pet First Aid 4U, is teaming up with Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey to give you the needed skills to protect your pet and know what do to when your pet gets injured. Classes are $79 and cover the downloadable course book and certificate. ZOOM enables you to see and interact with Arden and other students in their respective homes while honing your skills. Arden will provide you the ZOOM link. So, while we are all stuck at home, why do you use this time productivity and learn pet first aid? Your pet will thank you! 🙂 Contact Arden today at or cell/text: 760 521-6931.

If your dog cut his paw on broken glass, would you know how to safely stop the bleeding without getting bit? If your cat started choking on kibble, would you know how to safely perform abdominal thrusts? We love our pets. We want to protect them from harm, but when a pet emergency strikes, every minute counts.

Our teaching style is empowering and designed to help you retain what you learn. Plus, we make learning fun and practical with our Muttgyver tips!

We offer you FOUR options to learn pet first aid:

  • In-person, veterinarian-approved 4.5-hour class with a real dog and cat taught by Arden Moore, The Pet Health and Safety Coach. This class is for pet parents and pet professionals. In addition, contact Arden if you want her to conduct a customized, in-staff class for your pet professional team.
  • In-person basic pet first aid classes aimed at pet parents. Classes are 2.5-hours and are held at What A Great Dog training centers in Frisco and McKinney. Contact WAGD for class dates and sign ups!
  • Self-paced, online course offered by our partner, Pro Pet Hero. Include the special discount code: CPR-Arden Moore and earn a 10 percent discount. Click here.
  • 2-day pet first aid/CPR instructor training program using Zoom technology. Now you can learn in real time without having to travel! Class is taught by Arden Moore, a certified master pet first aid/CPR instructor. For details, click on the INSTRUCTOR Training box on the home page of Pro Pet Hero – click here.

All of the options but the basic class earn you certification and CEUs from a growing list of respected pet associations.

If you live in the North Texas area, please go to our SCHEDULE page and sign up NOW for our in-person class. We are offering a special rate of $79 — a 20% savings! Don’t delay! Register now to secure your spot in class.


  • Texas Pet Sitting Conference in Schertz, TX
  • staff in Dallas 
  • Park Cities Pet Sitter – voted 2017 NAPPS Business of the Year
  • What A Great Dog training – staff in Frisco and Richardson
  • The Acatemy Conference — we  conducted a veterinarian-approved, cat first aid/CPR class for attendees
  • Top Dog Pet Sitters in McKinney, TX
  • Guardian Pet Sitters in The Colony, TX
  • Many, many more pet companies!

We strongly believe that you need and deserve real (and lovable) trained pets in class to hone your pet first aid skills. Demo stuffed dogs are helpful, but nothing beats interacting with a REAL dog and cat. That’s why the Pet First Aid 4U program features Pet Safety Cat Casey and Pet Safety Dog Kona – both are also certified therapy pets!

Knowing pet first aid CAN save lives. Here are testimonials from two of our students:

Mary Costantino writes: “I took your pet first aid class and I wanted to tell you that I used what I learned today to save a dog’s life. I work for Greywood Kennels in Lakeside, CA and one of the dogs had a problem and stopped breathing. I did CPR and she came back. It was a wonderful feeling. I just wanted to thank you and tell you how wonderful you are.” 

Ivory Rose, a pet daycare and boarding staffer, writes: “The puppy was unresponsive and limp. His tongue and gums were blue. The vessels in his eyes were popping. I did what you taught me. I took a deep breath, calmed down and got to work. I started CPR for what felt like an eternity. Finally, the puppy was responsive. He coughed up pieces of kibble. I started the Heimlich maneuver as I could see he was suffocating again. I was getting a few pieces of kibble out every couple of minutes. Finally, his gums and tongue were pink again and he started to bite down on my fingers. I rushed him to the vet. He got a clean bill of health. It is so important for any pet parent to know CPR and pet first aid. The feeling of holding a lifeless puppy was the most horrific experience of my life. I am grateful he is okay. Something as simple as food — eating breakfast — and this happened. I could not be more thankful for everything I have learned from you, Arden, You are the reason this puppy named Harper is alive.”

Who should enroll in a pet first aid class?

Everyone lucky enough to share their lives with cats and dogs.  Our hands-on, veterinarian-endorsed training classes are perfect for pet parents, pet professionals, especially groomers, dog trainers, boarding facility staff, pet sitters, dog walkers, animal shelter staff, K9 police officers and pet retailers. When you are entrusted with the care of someone else’s pet, knowing what to do in a pet emergency earns the respect of your clients.

Why take this course?

Love your pet? Of course you do! Consider this statistic: one out of four pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care, according to the American Animal Hospital Association.  The time is now for you to arm yourself with knowledge and know how to act in a pet emergency. Pet First Aid 4U’s program has been reviewed and highly approved by leading veterinarians, including “America’s Veterinarian” Dr Marty Becker, emergency medicine veterinarian Dr. Mike LoSasso, Fear Free Pets-Certified veterinarian Dr. Debora Charles plus renowned feline medicine veterinarians Dr. Arnold Plotnick. Dr. Elizabeth Colleran andNew York City housecall veterinarian Dr. Lisa Lippman.

What will I learn in a pet first aid class?

Plenty! Among the skills you will learn in our class include choking management, rescue breathing, three difference Pet CPR techniques, bleeding protocols, heat and cold-related injuries, and snout-to-tail assessment (wellness and injury). You will also learn preventive care that will save you money and you will discover what surprising items must be included in your pet first aid kit. Upon completion, you will earn a certificate.

What is Pet First Aid 4 U?

Arden Moore — America’s Pet Health and Safety Coach — is the founder of Pet First Aid 4 U, a hands-on, veterinarian-approved health and safety program. Pet First Aid 4 U’s veterinarian-approved program is designed to teach pet professionals and pet parents what to do — and what NOT to do — in a pet emergency when minutes count.


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