“As an emergency veterinarian, I wish my clients would do two things: insure their pets, and take a pet first aid course like the one offered by Pet First Aid 4U.” — Mike LoSasso, DVM, emergency veterinarian at Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County, TX

“Arden Moore sure knows how to making learning fun! We love partnering with her to bring awesome seminars to What A Great Dog!” — Maureen Patin, founder and head trainer at What A Great Dog in Frisco and Richardson, TX

“There is no one more qualified than Arden Moore when it comes to educating pet owners about canine and feline first aid. As the author of dozens of books on pet health and behavior, Arden is an invaluable source of information on keeping pets both physically and mentally fit. Knowing what to do in when a pet emergency arises can literally mean the difference between life and death, and this timely program tells you everything you’ll need to know, delivered in Arden’s signature entertaining-and-edifying style. This program – Pet First Aid 4U — is a winner! ”– Arnold Plotnick, DVM, veterinarian/owner of Manhattan Cat Specialists.

“Our pets deserve lots of love, regular veterinary care and plenty of play with a purpose. They also deserve pet parents who know what to do in a pet emergency when minutes count. That’s why as “America’s Veterinarian,” I highly recommend Arden Moore’s Pet First Aid 4U program. I guarantee you will laugh and learn in her interactive classes that feature her four-legged teaching assistants, Pet Safety Dog Chipper and Pet Safety Cat Casey. The curriculum contains the latest in pet first aid taught by a passionate leader in the field of pet first aid and safety.” – Marty Becker, DVM, America’s Veterinarian.

“This first aid program — Pet First Aid 4U — is an invaluable resource for pet owners. Being aware of your pet and armed with basic first aid skills to treat your pet in case of emergency will create a healthier and safer environment for pets and owners alike. As a veterinarian, it would be wonderful if all our clients had this type of training.” — Erika de Papp, DVM, DACVIM, veterinarian and internal medicine specialist at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.

“Pet First Aid 4U and Arden Moore offer a veterianian-approved curriculum with the assistance of not one, but two furry assistants, Pet Safety Cat Casey and Pet Safety Dog Kona. If you haven’t taken a class with Arden, you are missing out on a wonderful educational hands-on opportunity.” — Scott Black, PSI Pet Sitter of the Year and owner of Personal Touch Pet Sitting

“My team has taken Arden’s class. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about equipping pet care professionals. And, her sense of humor makes the training fun.” — Susan Gary, founder of Top Dog Pet Sitters, LLC

“I took your pet first aid class a few months ago and I wanted to tell you that I used what I learned today to save a dog’s life. I work for Greywood Kennels in Lakeside, CA and one of the dogs had a problem and stopped breathing. I did CPR and she came back. It was a wonderful feeling. I just wanted to thank you and tell you how wonderful you are.” — Mary Costantino

“My SPCA of Texas campers had a blast this summer Arden Moore, Chipper and Casey!! If you want to take a Pet First Aid class, she’s the best!! Thank you very much classy lady for all your hard work helping to educate my camp kids.” — Terri Hooks, Education Coordinator for SPCA of Texas.

Arden Moore is widely loved and respected within our industry. She’s a prolific author and has now produced an original Pet CPR & First Aid program that is leaps and bounds above any program I’ve seen to date.” — Rob Nager, founder of Decadent Dog and International Pet Sitter of the Year.

“Highly recommend. Arden has trained most of our staff.” — Joette White, president/owner of Park Cities Pet Sitters.

“A puppy at our daycare and boarding center was unresponsive and limp. His tongue and gums were blue. I did what you taught me. I took a deep breath, calmed down and got to work. I started CPR for felt like an eternity. Finally, the puppy was responsive! I rushed him to the vet. He got a clean bill of health. Arden, you are the reason this puppy named Harper is alive.” — Ivory Rose

“I am so glad that I took the pet first aid/CPR course taught by Arden Moore. When my dog, Rocky had a battle with a squirrel, I managed to stay calm, and to keep Rocky calm, because I knew what to do. I got him cleaned up, stopped the bleeding and assessed his injuries. When I called the vet I was able to give them an accurate picture of his condition, The fact that I had learned pet first aid from Arden made a very difficult day a lot easier.” – Mindy Schwartz, of Carlsbad, CA and owner of the Balanced Book Company.

“Thank you for the very informative pet CPR class, Arden Moore. I learned such a lot! And it was awesome to be able to get hands-on experience of where to find a dog’s pulse, how much force to apply on CPR and much more. Excellent class!” — Patricia DeBarros, owner of The Nosey Dog, Flower Mound, TX

“In emergency situations, pets, just like people, need the right care immediately to stabilize their conditions as they are being transported to a medical professional. Arden Moore is a passionate, knowledgeable pet first aid instructor who is committed to helping people learn how to protect their pets. And kudos to her dog and cat who willingly give students the chance to practice some skills on real pets.” — Dale L. Anderson, MD, retired urgent care doctor and surgeon in Minneapolis.

“Thanks for the great edu-tainment, Arden Moore. I loved the hands-on training and I know that having my staff take your first aid course will benefit our clients.” – Pat Gallagher, owner of Dog Dayz of California in Oceanside.

“Wow! I learned so many new things that will be so helpful to me. Chipper and Zeki — you’re the best and so full of patience and love! Arden, I admire you so much and respect all that you do to benefit our blessed animals.”– Kim Maxwell “Auntie Kim” Home & Pet Sitting, Laguna Niguel, CA

“Arden’s good humor and good examples kept my attention. I learned a lot in class.” – Erin Weland, Oceanside, CA

“Arden is a great resource of information and training — you will learn lots in her class!” — East Dallas Mel.

“Arden was well prepared, engaging, enthusiastic, informative and responsive to questions.” – Jennifer Roddy, San Diego.

“I learned how to take care of my dog in the event of an emergency until we can get to a vet. I’m a registered nurse and learned a lot about first aid for pets in this class.” – Dallyn McCuistion, RN, Scripps Ranch, CA

“I took this course because I have a service dog and a lot of times, Ike is put into situations that are not always the safest and I want to make sure he is taken care of.” – Jennifer Blanchard, Oceanside, CA

“I have two cats and after taking Arden’s course, I feel more confident that I will know what to do if anything happens to them in my house before taking them to the vet. Arden is a great instructor and I definitely recommend taking this class.” – Britta Wilson, professional pet sitter, San Diego