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PFA4U62815TheresaTowelsCaseyMaster Certified Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor Arden Moore is based in the Dallas metro area, but conducts classes throughout North America for special group situations. She also travels regularly to SAN DIEGO COUNTY to conduct classes. She intentionally keeps her classes at no more than 15 students to ensure everyone receives plenty of time to practice hands-on skills. To ensure the safety of all in the class, no pets are permitted.

Recognized as one of the nation’s top pet first aid instructors, Arden customizes her classes for:

  • Professional Pet Sitters
  • Humane Shelter Staff and Volunteers
  • Vet Technicians
  • Boarding Staff
  • Non-profit Pet Groups, Breed Groups and Rescue Groups
  • K9 Police Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics/EMTs
  • Military veterans with service dogs

All classes are veterinarian-endorsed and feature the country’s only active dog-cat teaching team. Class fees include all course materials and certificates. Graduates in these courses earn two-year certification in pet first aid. Got a question? Contact Arden at or 760 521-6931.

Upcoming dates (scroll below for details on how to register for a specific class):

Customized Classes Available Coast to Coast!

If you wish to have Arden and her four-legged teaching team come to your town to learn hands-on pet first aid, safety and wellness, please contact Arden at and we will make it happen! Come take a class with a real dog-cat teaching team to help you gain invaluable training on real (and very tolerant) pets!

Attention pet professionals: We are conducting in-house staff pet first aid and pet behavior classes. Now is the time to educate and train your staff. We customize trainings for professional pet sitters, boarding staff, groomers, veterinary staffs, animal shelter workers and more!  Contact Arden Moore today to line up certification pet first aid training for your staff at 760 521-6931 or 

Pet Safety Dog Kona, Pet Safety Cat Casey and Arden will see YOU soon!

  Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22, 2018 – Pet First Aid/CPR & Safety Classes plus a cat-dog behavior talk on Friday, April 20 in Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Where: Woodmen Life, Fraternal Chapter 264, 7011 Webster Street, Lincoln, NE. We thank Woodmen Life, Fraternal Chapter 264 for hosting our classes! More information on our event’s sponsors to come!
  • Pet first aid classes – pick one:  9 a.m. to 1:30 April 21 and 1 to 5:30 p.m. Apr. 22 (tentative – will confirm times soon). Please arrive 5-10 minutes early as we start our classes on time).
  • Pet first aid class fee: Special rate of $80 (a 20% savings). Advance registration is required as we limit the class to the first 15 who sign up. Click on the PayPal button below to register. Sorry, no refunds as Arden Moore is traveling from Dallas to conduct these weekend classes in Lincoln. If you cannot make the class, you can DONATE your class fee to the Sadie Dog Fund OR transfer it to a friend who can attend. Please alert Arden Moore in advance at 760 521-6931 or
  • What will be covered: Latest veterinarian-approved CPR techniques on dogs and cats, rescue breathing, pet first aid (choking, bleeding, poisoning, overheated or frostbite and more) plus safe handling of dogs and cats and restraint techniques. Students get to practice skills on Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey. We also teach you how to perform a head-to-tail wellness assessment on dogs and cats. Upon completion, students earn a two-year certificate.
  • More info:  Wear comfortable clothing. Sorry, no . pets are permitted. Any questions, call or text Arden Moore, master certified First Aid/CPR instructor at 760 521-6931 or
  • Cat-Dog Behavior Talk details: 6:30-8 p.m. Friday, April 20 at the Woodmen Life (Fraternal Chapter 264), 7011 Webster Street, Lincoln, NE. Cost is $10 per person with all net proceeds donated to Sadie’s Dog Fund. You can pay at the door. More details: Contact Sadie Dog Founder Pam Hoffman at
  • Here is the PayPal link to register for the APRIL 21 pet first aid/CPR class:

Here is the PayPal link to register for the APRIL 22 pet first aid/CPR class:


CUSTOMIZED CLASSES!!!! Group classes are available – contact Arden to set up a customized pet first aid class for your group!PLEASE NOTE:  Last-minute cancellations prevent the chance for another to fill your spot in class. We have a no-refund policy and if you can’t attend (life happens!), we will work with you to schedule you to attend a future class. Thank you!

Additional Classes and Presentations Available on These Topics:

Looking for a speaker who will engage — and edu-tain — your audiences? Arden Moore is an in-demand pet expert who speaks to large and small groups all over America. Her mission is simple: to bring out the best in pets…and their people. Talks range from 60 to 90 minutes with time for questions from the audience. Book Arden today!

* Master the Mutt-gyver Inside You: Your pet is injured and you don’t have a pet first aid kit? Don’t panic. In this 90-minute class, Arden will show you how to use what you have in your surroundings to stabilize and immobilize your pet so you can safety take him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

  • Play It Safe – Learn to be a Pet Detective:  In this customized presentation for pet professionals, Arden Moore, The Pet Health and Safety Coach, teaches you have to hone your pet detective skills in gathering clues to identify what’s happening to dogs and cats under your care. Often a so-called behavior issue has an underlying medical cause. With the help of Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey, Arden will teach you how to “speak” pet and accurately decode what their vocalizations, postures and actions really mean.
  • Maintaining Harmony in Cat-Dog Households: In this talk, you will learn how to “speak” dog and cat, accurately decoding their postures, vocalizations and actions. You will learn how to safely intervene cat-cat fights, dog-dog fights and cat-dog fights in your home and outside. And, you will learn how to disrupt bad behavior and divert to acceptable behaviors that mentally/physically benefit the cats and dogs under your watch.

* Ageless Advice to Bring Out the Best in Senior Pets: America is undergoing a gray (muzzle) revolution with more than one-third of dogs and cats in homes reaching senior or even geriatric status. In this talk you will learn how to recognize early signs of cognitive dysfunction, identify “brain” foods to boost immune systems, look for warning signs of urinary infections, bladder stones and other issues from the litter box and outside potty breaks, and finally identify ways to aid senior pets with mobility issues.

* Unlocking the Feline Mystique: What’s really going on inside your cat’s mind? What can you do to bring out the best in your 21st Century Cat? In this 90-minute talk, Arden will share tips, tricks and tactics to co-exist with your feline friend. And, she will show you what to do — and what never to do — should your cat get sick or injured.

* KIDS CLASS: Canine-Feline Fact or Fiction: Set in a fun game show format featuring “hosts” Pet Safety Dog Kona and Pet Safety Cat Casey, this talk caters to kids ages 7 to 12. Attendees will learn valuable insights into how cats and dogs think, how to be “pet detectives” to identify early signs of health issues and test their dog-cat trivia knowledge.

* Catering to Your 21st Century Canine: Today’s dogs share very little with their wolf ancestors. With the surge in pet-welcoming hotels, luxury pooch spas, Fido fashions and new canine sports like surfing and dock diving, it’s certainly become a dog’s (pampered) life. In this 90-minute talk, Arden will unleash tips, tricks and tactics to bring out the best in your modern dog.

* Life Lessons Unleashed by PhDs (Pretty Happy Dogs) and CEOs (Cats Extraordinaire): The secret to improving your health – mental, physical, emotion and yes, spiritual – is just a tail wag or purr away. Learn how you can be in the purr-fect profession to maximize paw power. In this 90-minute talk, Arden identifies 9 key lessons our cats and dogs teach us. She will then unleash a pet prescription that prescribes skills, not pills, to  bring out the best in you and your pets.

* Snakes, Ticks, Bees, Oh My!: Love being outdoors with your dog? That’s great…until the hike or camping trip takes a scary turn when your dog gets bitten or stung. In these situations, minutes count. This 90-minute talk will outline common outdoor hazards and what to do to reduce the risk and what to do if your dog gets injured.